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Mark Duhrkoop

IMG mark d Mark DuhrkoopMark Duhrkoop, an ordained minister and veteran missionary, has over 22 years of experience working with families at-risk or in crisis, utilizing mediation, counseling and training to help individuals and families overcome the challenges they face and become role models in their communities.  With both undergraduate and graduate degrees in education and Christian counseling, his missionary call allowed him to teach at a Bible College in Kenya and then spend 4 years working with the youth and families affected by the gang culture in East Los Angeles.   In 1998, the acquisition of his ministry from one organization to another required him to step into leadership roles with a local ministry dealing with challenging communities and addiction.

Dealing with challenging people and conflict resolution are a daily aspect of families and communities dealing with addiction, financial strain, and cultural struggle in it’s many forms.  Mr. Duhrkoop has seen first-hand, and been a part of helping more than a hundred families, and even whole communities, move beyond these challenges and realize peace in their daily lives.

Having managed and directed, both small and large non-profits or programs, has provided a good understanding of the interaction between boards, management, staff and clients.  Furthermore, his experience in working with various agencies and churches on strategy and training provides for the opportunity for groups to work on communication, productivity and leadership development.

As Mr. Duhrkoop works with families dealing with aging and transitioning parents, he draws upon his own experience as a pastor’s son, 1 of 6 siblings who have dealt with the difficulties of moving to the care-giver role and preparing for end-of life decisions.  An understanding of family systems and the destructive nature and process of conflict inform his approach to helping families create plans that honor the desires and needs of our loved ones.

Mark, a native of the Pacific Northwest, and his wife Annie, who grew up as a missionary kid in Africa, have been married for 18 years and have 2 children.