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Board of Directors

BOD meeting 300x154 Board of DirectorsNon-profits are susceptible to conflict on the Board of Directors due to inherit elements of their cultures and structures.  Board members are volunteers that normally rotate off after fulfilling a term of service.  If the board does not have term limits, then some board members can become entrenched while creating strong ownership issues to certain programs or processes.  The constant change at the board level can bring a variety of personalities, values, and agendas to the Board of Directors.

Conflict among board members can severely damage a non-profit.  A splinter group may emerge, donors may become disenchanted, staff may leave, and lawsuits may be filed. But with mediation, it can dial down the temperature among members helping to bring resolution to conflict. And we know in some cases, the organization may need to ask one or more board members to resign. And if mediation is offered early in the process, then the greater likelihood of resolution.

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