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Got a Dispute?

Business photo 300x176 BusinessWhen business disputes arise among Christians, it can be disconcerting. We want to honor Christ in our relationships and in dealing with others, yet sometimes we find ourselves at odds over business decisions or unable to resolve misunderstandings. In the worst cases we feel cheated and are unsure how to approach the other party.

With our services, we mediate business disputes and provide guidance in business structures and strategies to help avoid future disputes.

We specialize in small and medium business disputes between partners and families.  We offer consultation for those forming partnerships or families considering a business venture or transition.  We assist those in conflict bringing resolution. We seek to follow Biblical guidelines of conflict resolution through all our mediation and arbitration services.

Bridge Builders offers specialized skills in the following areas:

Partner conflicts – Christian mediation can help owners reconcile differences in approach and strategy and settle financial disputes without expensive litigation. Often, disputes among partners or owners arise because of inadequate governance structures or misunderstandings about goals and missions. In early stages of a business start up we can help partners to address these issues and prevent future disputes.

There are times when it is appropriate to dissolve a business so that owners or parts of the business can pursue differing goals more effectively. In these cases we can help resolve disputes and help to find positive paths forward.

Family business disputes –  Family owned businesses are particularly vulnerable to disputes. Issues between family members can bleed into the marketplace and the business can bleed into the personal family relationships. We can help families embrace the gospel of peace and work to get the business back on track and restore relationships.

Workplace conflicts -When facing conflicts among employees let us help you avoid expensive legal action by using Christian mediation and alternative dispute resolution approaches.

Succession Planning – Christians can struggle like anybody else when it comes to passing the baton of business.  Many businesses do not survive succession.  Let us help you smooth the choppy waters and avoid the undercurrents that sink many businesses.

If you need a more secular approach to the marketplace, visit Genesis Mediation and Genesis Human Resources. You will find details and short videos describing services.