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Elder Care

Please call us at (800)-729-0924 for more information or schedule a FREE 15 MINUTE PHONE CONSULTATION. Our elder care mediators resolve conflict and create family peace.

Aging places huge challenges to families. Even the strongest of Christian families can find themselves in turmoil over decisions. A skilled mediator can help create and keep the peace in your family as you move through the aging process together.

When accidents or medical conditions force life transitions for aging parents, families often disagree on how to move forward.  The change from independent, active living to dependent, restrictive living can be difficult without a family care plan in place.  Estate disputes or suspected elder abuse can leave family relationships broken and fragile for a lifetime.

Most people do not know or understand the role mediation can play in elder care.  Bridge Builders Christian Mediation can guide you through turbulent water until reaching the calm on the other side.  Once the major issues are resolved, we help to mend family relationships.  Our goal is restoration and healing among family members.  Most families are amazed at the results.

We are here to help you:

  • When a parent needs increased care or a requires a move to an Assisted Living Center, Memory Care Unit, or Skilled Nursing Facility and the family is not united in the decision
  • When you may suspect elder abuse or you yourself are suspected of elder abuse, most often by a sibling
  • When you feel a fight coming on over estate issues or if you are currently embroiled in conflict
  • When you are in conflict as a family over the care of a disabled sibling