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Family Seminars

Ten Qualities of a “10″ Marriage

This popular class is scheduled again in the fall of 2013 on Thursday evenings from 6 to 8 PM, October 2nd through 30th at our Beaverton office.  As a Divorce and Family mediator, Dr. Randy Kinnison has a front row seat witnessing how many marriages fail.  Prior to becoming a mediator, he spent thirty years assisting couples to remain married and work through their issues.  Drawing from these two experiences, he is currently writing a new book called Ten Qualities of a “10″ Marriage.  Attendees are receiving material from the book.  His goal is to help you as a couple to maximize and divorce-proof your marriage.  Dr. Kinnison speaks on a regular basis and has taught at both graduate and undergraduate levels.  Cost: $255/couple includes notes and light refreshments.  Questions?  Please call (800)-729-0924Register and payment information link.  This five week study will look at two “top ten” qualities per week:

  • Intimacy – The Inner Core of Marriage
  • Friendship – Marry Your Best Friend
  • Communication – Let’s Connect at the Deepest Levels
  • Nurture – The Care and Feeding of a Spouse
  • Sexuality – It Really is More Than Sex
  • Conflict Resolution – How to Fight a Good Fight
  • Safety – Your Mate Should be the Safest Place on Earth
  • Money – Management and How to Talk About it Without a Fight
  • Values – What You Value and How you Hold It
  • Self Care – Taking Care of You Demonstrates Love to Your Spouse


Ten Qualities of a Ten Mate (30 min to 3 hour seminar)
Similar to the above seminar on marriage, Dr. Kinnison helps those searching for a life mate to construct a vetting process that sifts through potential partners to find a “TEN.”  Dr. Kinnison will help you develop into a “TEN” as well.  When two people focus on the qualities that create a great mate, they also lay the foundation for a great marriage.

Money and Marriage (two hour long presentation for couples)
Don’t just learn how to budget and manage money, learn how to communicate around money with healthy conflict resolution skills.  Many couples have no budget, so they constantly run out of money before the end of the month.  Other couples may budget, but discussion around money is so painful, they avoid it at all costs.  So one partner keeps the budget and hounds the other to stay within it.  Often a guest presenter with expertise in financial money management covers the first section on budgeting and wealth management.  Dr. Kinnison gives the presentation on how to communicate on money.

Creating Family Peace in Times of Turmoil (hour long presentation for all ages)
Dr. Kinnison has given this presentation with many strong reviews in a number of different venues.  Dr. Kinnison touches on family dynamics, conflict styles, and conflict resolution techniques.