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Online Mediation

computer person pic 300x300 Online MediationVideo conferencing is now a standard, accepted format for business meetings.  Technology easily accommodates mediation among parties separated by long distance.

In mediation, the ability to read non-verbal cues and body language is very helpful.  For this reason, the best form of online mediation is using web cameras that allow the mediator to see and hear you.  If you do not have a web camera, online mediation can still work.  You will need a computer connected to the internet, either a computer headset or a phone (headset or earphones are helpful).  Bridge Builders uses video conferencing technology to share documents from the desktops of the participants and the facilitator.

Online mediation is quite cost effective and helpful for parties scattered across the United States or abroad.  It is particularly valuable in situations where restraining orders are currently in effect, for elder care cases in which one or several family members live apart from one another, and for many business applications.

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