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Doug Marshall

Doug MarshallIMG 9058 260x300 Doug MarshallAs an ordained pastor of 32 years in the Christian Churches (non-denominational), Doug has coached and counseled couples, families, and individuals in almost every life challenge, transition and conflict. He teaches classes on Parenting, Boundaries, Communication and Conflict Resolution. He also has a great deal of experience in addiction and recovery counseling. He has ministered full time in various churches in Oregon and planted a church in Los Banos, CA, through Stadia: New Church Strategies. He is currently the senior pastor at Valley Christian Church in Wilsonville, Oregon… [read more]


Mark Duhrkoop, M.A.

IMG mark d Mark DuhrkoopMark Duhrkoop, an ordained minister and veteran missionary, has over 22 years of experience working with families at-risk or in crisis, utilizing mediation, counseling and training to help individuals and families overcome the challenges they face and become role models in their communities.  With both undergraduate and graduate degrees in education and Christian counseling, his missionary call allowed him to teach at a Bible College in Kenya and then spend 4 years working with the youth and families affected by the gang culture in East Los Angeles.   In 1998, the acquisition of his ministry from one organization to another required him to step into leadership roles with a local ministry dealing with challenging communities and addiction… [read more]


Andrew Goria
2013 04 10 14.03.51 300x255 Andrew GoriaAndrew was first introduced to the concept of mediation in 2004 during his time studying human communication at Southern Oregon University. As Andrew saw the potential for fostering peace in broken relationships through mediation, he began to practice using these skills as a Resident Assistant in his college dorm and in his work as a servant leader in campus ministry. Andrew received a Bachelor of Arts from Southern Oregon University in Human Communication and has also gone on to earn a Master of Arts in Biblical & Theological studies from Western Seminary in Portland, OR. He has practiced the knowledge and skills he gained through his education working in his local church, in the mental health field, and in his community helping solve conflict and other difficult life issues…[read more]


Dave Williams, M.Div

Dave Williams

As a trained mediator working with the Genesis group, Dave is able to help facilitate agreements concerning the issues surrounding divorce and legal separations, including child custody, parenting plans, child and spousal support, and the distribution of assets. He works with businesses and non-profit organizations to help resolve challenging situations and create peace-filled and productive working environments[read more]