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The Elder Care Mediation Process

How does the mediation process work for elder care?

  • One of our mediators will speak with you about the situation and if mediation may be a good alternative.
  • The next step is either a full consultation with interested family members or the beginning of case development.  Narratives are written by those involved in the conflict followed by personal interviews with the mediator.  This helps the mediator determine critical issues, perspectives and how to proceed.
  • A mediation session is either scheduled with all parties, or individual mediation sessions are scheduled with necessary parties.
  • A final report is issued or another mediation is held.  At this session, a Family Care Plan is created to define steps to help mitigate future conflict.

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How much will it cost?
Each case is different and situational specific.   Some families prefer a flat rate.  Bridge Builders Christian Mediation is sensitive to families and individuals with limited resources.  Mediation always saves families thousands of dollars compared to attorney fees.

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