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What is Mediation?

Handshake Photo iStock 000002501160Medium 300x197 What is Mediation?Mediation is a resolution process recognized by the courts as an effective and rewarding alternative to litigation. Mediation is different than binding arbitration. Arbitration allows a neutral third party, often a judge, to decide a conflict with no alternative to litigation. With litigation, the courts make a judgment concerning the outcome of your conflict. By the nature of their training, attorneys seek to represent the best interest of their clients.

Mediation is a proven alternative resolution process. It is a totally voluntary process by both parties with a neutral third party – a mediator. An experienced mediator will draw out options, seek to discover important issues, and work through emotions to create a peaceful solution. The mediator remains neutral and facilitates the process. Bridge Builders uses a number of professionals as needed to assist in your dispute. Attorneys car either be retained, or used for consultation only. This can save you thousands of dollars in attorney fees. The purpose of mediation is to avoid adversarial relationships creating a peaceful agreement in a difficult time of life. Mediation is effective in resolving conflicts in any situation including Churches, Couples and Family, Divorce, Elder Care, Business and Non-Profits.

If you have a simple dispute and want some free help, go to our Free Mediation Services page. You will find several helpful community groups available. At Bridge Builders, we offer professional mediation services to assist you with more difficult and timely disputes. Our mission is to create a little more peace on earth daily.  Every day we want to make a difference in families, neighborhoods, cities, businesses and workplaces.  Give us a call at (800)-729-0924 or contact us for a FREE 15 Minute Consultation.